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Topic: True love
sakura wrote:
on 2008-09-11 23:04:57
Why is it difficult to find true love ?
Bye wrote:
on 2008-09-15 20:45:22
It has a story why it's very difficult to find true love but it might be so long.. to explain...
let's say that if we can find true love easily, our life gonna be so boring coz no adventure or we might not be so strong or understand what the real world is...

axl wrote:
on 2008-09-18 16:17:24
difficult to find true love :cause good things are expensive
Sue wrote:
on 2009-05-11 14:25:19
Yes, axl, I agree with you. But we have enough cash to buy a thing, we can get it, right!

So, let's hope to get the best and hold true love!

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