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Topic: love at first sight?
on 2008-08-23 05:01:37
is it possible to fall in love at first sight?

phyu wrote:
on 2008-08-23 05:28:15

is it possible to fall in love at first sight?

I guess it is possible. There are many people who fall in love at first sight.

thandar wrote:
on 2008-08-24 12:15:12
Hmmm... I guess it is possible but it will be difficult to fall in love at first sight as you grow older :D hehe
60BL!n wrote:
on 2008-08-25 20:16:28
ျမင္ျမင္ျခင္း ခ်စ္တယ္ဆိုတာကုိ အခ်စ္လုိ႕ မျမင္ေသးတာ ဆိုးေနတယ္
luuluu wrote:
on 2008-09-06 01:42:30
If u want to love, u can love.
But don't like that.
22 wrote:
on 2008-09-09 14:10:17
Yahh.. i had been heard so many people said that. But As for me.. first sigh love is not deeply. It's become first & end easily without worry each other.
I had never seen nobody's first sigh love is forever love. :)
Bye wrote:
on 2008-09-15 20:57:06
As love is inconceivable thing in the world, anything can happen even in the first sight or last sight.. ei ei ei... but it depend on whether it will become true love or not only...

on 2008-09-19 21:25:17
May Be all other people
But it may not be for me.
I don't belive it.
phyo phyo wrote:
on 2012-12-16 02:56:44
I want to get a truth love for my life.
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