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Topic: Love in a relationship
Pokeybear wrote:
on 2013-05-29 00:18:12
So sorry have been quite abit bored and read around the community and saw some of your posts. Makes me think....

Everybody looking for true love.

Well some of you ever in relationships before, haven't you experienced the magical part at the start and the happiness and etc wonderful stuffs. Haven you thought that your partner at that time was your true love?? As in found your love at last???

Unfortunately, reality sinks in, magic gone, and then the relationship calls off... Hearts broken and you probably thought you never meet someone you love as much ever again.....

Well unfortunately, that is not true, (especially those who dated more then once would tell u), you fall in love again and the cycle goes (of cos not all unsuccessful relationships. Some end in marriages :)

My question is.... If its really true love, then how could you fall in love for somebody else again right? But no one can deny the strong love you had for that person when you are in love with him/her at that time isn't it!

So conclusion, personally feel that unless u know that if that person leaves u(whether breakup or in death), u confirm x 10(power of 1 million) not going to love ever another person for the rest of your life, meaning be single, do not use the term "true love"

I mean I seen so many of above cases, breakups and even deaths, ppl anyway no offense just personal feel
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