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Topic: To be loved and to love!!!
Sanko wrote:
on 2011-03-26 03:46:56
I've two friends so close to me. One is my junior from Institute of Marine Technology. He has his plan to be a navigation officer as fast as possible while he is in love with one fair lady. He's also onboard with me on M.T Samho Gloria at present. One friend of his girl friend was getting married and his girl friend is so envy that she urges him to do as what their friends were doing. He's in a kind of situation that if he would follow his girl friend's wish or try first to be officer by exam. Both situations mean of a ton of money and he must avoid one thing to do. His money doesn't allow him to do both at same time. If he marry her first, it'll surely delay to be officer by establishing of one family. If he delay his marriage for his exam, it's really shameful and painful for him because they love each other very much and it's been very long time they were in love. If you were him, what would you do?

    Second man, he was my work-mate at one time and we were meant to be brother. After sign- off from the ship, he married to a girl who did leave him once for some uncertain reason. She is younger than him and not educated well as he was. I told him at that time that it wasn't worth to miss or feel pain for her. He should delight for his escape from that kind of girl so early. But he didn't follow my words and when he arrived to Myanmar, he gave his appology to her and compromised again. Then they got married. There is nothing to say if things are as they are. But yesterday, I received mail from him and he asked me to guess whether he is happy or not by marrying to her. Okay, my dears, how do you guess? Even I do have my definite opinion myself, I want to hear from you.

Everyone who read this message, pls give me your idea whatever it is. Thanks a lot
Pokeybear wrote:
on 2013-05-28 23:21:15
Hi sanko

You have posted that story 2 years ago! So what happened to your friend 1 and friend 2??
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