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Topic: That's what I know about love!
on 2010-11-07 11:40:15
If someone is in love,he or she is crazy,I mean..,really crazy.yeah,and it is a very strange and softest thing ,so pls don't say about love,I am not crazy about love as I was saying.I see people going crazy because of love.but ....sometimes I think it is like nothing,I mean love.Because,It is like a bad thing,when you meet so many love(even only more than one),huh!you know what I mean?Oh!I just have an idea for the best example about what I want to tell you.Don't think other thing,just think about the Korean movies.yeah,think about many people(especiall girls)like them very very much.(I think girls like it because they take love seriously than man).It is very romantic to see the Korean movies.but in brief,they change love.They love more than one.sometimes they even love both.Ok.I am not talking about Korean movies.I just want to say what love is that I know.It feels very good when it is good,feels very bad and very hot inside(hot as don't want to live anymore)when it is bad.Actually, I don't want to give respect to love because love can become more than once and it is just a pleasant that we want most( for ourself).but I can't live and I don't want to live withour give me strength that I never have before,yeah.Ok,don't want to talk about it anymore because it will make me crazy sooner or later.
Kaung Lay wrote:
on 2011-10-23 01:22:43
I think you are right.But some of the things that you think about love is from the point of view.Because, as no one is perfect, girl can love one by one.Isn't it.And I am not complaining you.I just express my vision.And what you express about love is right.Some people goes really crazy.Wish you not become a crazy.

Your friend.

Kaung Lay.
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