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Topic: Only the Music lovers>>>WELCOME TO MY MUZIZ BANK
D2P wrote:
on 2009-05-03 17:43:31
I am just a freak bloody muziz lover. I hate those discrimination on type of music like Rapper, Rocker, Punker or whatever those F*king Families hate each others and making damn abuse in their specific songs. Well.. may be they are the creators so then they may stand on their belief and keep loving it.. Mmm.. that's fine. but as I mentioned it's not fair to judge others' beloved one. The worst things I ever notice is those MCs who can't even write own tune and keep tapping copies worldwide songs..
Anyway, I am not a MC but just a Fan.. so I ever respect to those real creative MCs regardless of type of music.
Warmly welcome to my music profile there I've uploaded load of songs those I feel great but not much of all I love ones... by then no hesitate to ask me it there's any of it you wanna download and listen on your move.

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