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Topic: Actually "love" is....
heavenstar wrote:
on 2008-09-25 05:54:28
Love definition changes according to age...
When I was 16 yrs old,I think love is so meaningful,so adorable,I assumed it's called "love" if my heart was beating so fast in front of my beloved ones..
When I was nearly 18 yrs old,I think "love" made me warm,gave me courage and felt like I was reaching paradise on the days we were together..
When I was over 18 yrs,I think "love" is not as much important as "life"..Love can be created,Love is not blind,Love no more gave me warmth :( I thought more about life and other stuffs instead of thinking about love the whole day like my 16-yrs old age life...
Rightnow(19 yrs),I think that love is only one third important as compared with other words,Love is nothing..I will not believe in love anymore..
Anyway,I still want to feel love! Of course,feeling love is so sweet ,but don't forget that love is not really important for life

Sue wrote:
on 2009-05-11 14:18:54
for over 40, love is really not important thing but it is always hiding at the bottom of heart.
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